This is one of the assignments for my Visual Narratives course at LABASAD Barcelona School of Arts & Design. We had to do 4 illustrations for a story.
I choose BLAGDAROSS By Lord Dunsany From A Dreamer’s Tales:
"As twilight descended upon the outskirts of a desolate town, abandoned objects found voices, sharing tales of their past. Among them, the old rocking-horse, Blagdaross, lamented his lost glory, recalling adventures with his master. Meanwhile, two boys, seeking adventure, transformed into knights, embodying the tales told by the forgotten relics of yesteryears."
For technique I decided to use linocut in one - black colour as the theme about feeling abused and unuseful is really sad for me. But, as the end is happy for Blagdaross I decided to use a second - gold colour to represent happiness and life. I also decided to use typography as the phrase "...but my master began to grow larger in his body and smaller in his soul..." is really powerful / meaningful for me.