Self Portrait - Running out of time
With a self portrait I wanted to show that I'm always struggling how to manage my time, to do everything I want. That's why I put myself into a hour glass screaming. Hour glass if falling down and on both sides is a rock, and one geco on it, which represent my passion for climbing and being in touch with nature. On the bottom there are 2 lotuses which are representing yoga and meditation that I do every morning. There is also one snowflake - because I like snowboarding. As my day is always full I also need a coffee and the evenings I like to spent with my friends with a glass of wine. There is also a small detail: adidas shoes, which I always wear, with clothes: dress and a bow I wanted to show mix of feminine and masculine energy that I have.
I made a self portrait with a linoleum technique - black one because I like and I usually do black and white designs; red one to show the energy and sometimes a bit of anger when I can't manage my time. 
for "Visual Thinking and Inspiration: From Abstraction to Image" class @LABASAD - Barcelona school of arts and design